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Born in the picturesque Dutch town of Alkmaar, Dirk soon discovered the love and fascination for the glamorous world of the Circus.

At the age of five, Dirk knew he wanted to do something in his life with either Circus, Theatre or Music.


Brought up in a world of Music and Entertainment, it was clear that Dirk's future had to be in the Entertainment Business, and at the age of 9 he discovered his love for Music and Keyboards. At the age of 16 Dirk played his very first concert and that was the start of an extremely successful, International showbiz career.

At this moment, Dirk is one of Europe's leading Multi Keyboard Players with an International career, playing concerts and shows all over Europe, released 6 dvd's, 21 solo albums and many International radio and television performances.


In the meantime, Dirk was still fascinated by the world of the Circus, and decided to take up Photography seriously about 13 years ago.

Starting off with a very simple camera, Dirk went from Circus to Circus, but also from strength to strength. 

Throughout all those years he kept on investing in better camera equipment and is now the proud owner of a professional, state of the art Nikon Camera and lenses, and made himself a name as a Circus Photographer. 

Many of Dirk's photos are now used for many souvenir brochures, web sites and posters, all over the world.


With his photos, Dirk's aim is to show the beauty of one of the most unique artforms in the world, where humans live together with animals in harmony, the fascinating world of the Circus.